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Journals are fun and easy to make, but take some planning. What do you want to say? How do you want to organize your text? Do you have some images ready?

Each Journal has a Title, an Introduction and some Chapters. Give a taste of what's ahead in the Intro, and put most of the content in your Chapters. Your Journal can be short and simple or long and involved. It's up to you.

As an example, we have prepared a Sample Outline of a fictional South American Journey. You may also want to look at other Journals for some good ideas.

We also have a freeware image manipulation software program you can download, Irfan View 3.75 (800 KB). This will enable you to do image manipulation on your local computer instead of using the online Photo Studio.


  • Do navigate the site using the provided Links and Submit buttons.
  • Do not navigate using the Back and Forward buttons in your browser - this may cause confusion during the Journal creation process.
  • Do try to keep the total number of photos on any single Chapter to less than 10. Some people have slow internet connections.
  • Do keep your Journal "hidden" until it is ready for the public to read.
  • Do send us an email if you have any questions or problems.
  • Do have a great time!

We look forward to reading your Journal!

For future reference, click on the User's Guide link.

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