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The number of personal travelogue web sites is exploding. Why not host these yourself? The audience at such a site would be a tight market and allow for relatively lucrative banner ads.

Do you have a far flung crew who want to keep in touch? Foreign aid workers, missionaries or teachers abroad could all benefit from having a central place to keep the logs of their adventures and progress. A great way for your funding agencies to see how their money is being spent. Your own Journal site can be as private as you want with password protection.

Would you like to include a first class travelogue section to your existing web site?

  • We can host your "Journals" on our server. Our software can recognize your Gypsies when they enter and brand the site with all your graphics, including banner ads. You simply provide us with the graphics, and set up a subdomain pointer to our IP. Your Gypsies will never know they have left your site.
  • Partnerships. Do you have a good idea on how to implement the Journal engine for a new application? We are very open to new ideas and development. We are also looking for motivated individuals to join our merry band. Earn Gypsy Bucks while working at home!
If you have any further interest, please contact:
Christopher Wylie
Project Manager

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