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Sample Journal Outline

South American Adventure

This sample outline may help you prepare your own Journal.

Create Journal

    Journal Details
      Title: South American Adventure
      Start / End Dates of Trip: Have trip dates ready


      Description: After three long years of saving and planning, we were ready to take a backpacking/train trip from Rio, in Brazil, through the Pampas and Patagonian regions of Argentina, across the Strait of Magellan to the Southernmost Tip of the Continent . . .
      Add a Photo: Have JPEG photo of train in countryside ready to upload

Create First Chapter

    Chapter Details
      Title: Brazil
      Date and Location: (Have dates we were in Brazil ready)

    First Section

      Heading: A hectic day in Rio
      Description: The thought of Rio brings to mind images of bright colors, dancing, music and wild times. Well after the long flight we weren't looking for wild times, but we certainly found bright colors and music . . .
      Add Photo / Multimedia: Have JPEG of Rio street performers ready to upload
      Photo Caption: "A Three-Ring Circus!"

    Second Section

      Heading: Business in Sao Paulo
      Description: We didn't know much about Sao Paulo. Part of the allure of traveling is being able learn about new places. Here we learned . . .
      Add Photo / Multimedia: Have JPEG of Skyscraper in Sao Paulo ready to upload
      Photo Caption: "From Shanty Towns to Skyscrapers"

    Additional Sections...

Create Second Chapter

    Chapter Details
      Title: Backpacking through Argentina

    Fill Out Sections...

Create Additional Chapters...

    etc. etc...

This process is repeated until you have submitted all your Journal content.

Each Journal can have any number of Chapters (most have 4 to 10). And each Chapter can have any number of Sections (5 to 8 is a good number).

You may want to print this page as a guide for your first Journals.
For future reference, the Handbook page has a link to this page.

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