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Saeed Taji Farouky

Biography and List of Journals
Residence: Morocco
Saeed began this journal in Jan. 2002. The journals will remain here as an archive, but he has since become a full-time journalist and documentary filmmaker. Please visit and to see his most recent work.

Here are my different Journals...
The Beginning
21 Jan 2002
Average Rating of 4 Viewers
Last Updated
21 Feb 2002
This is something about my new life. A few details about the choices I've made that have led me to this point.
Closer, now
21 Feb 2002
Average Rating of 6 Viewers
Last Updated
6 May 2003
Perhaps I will begin a new chapter at this point. There is very little difference between this chapter and the preceeding one. Except to say that I have run out of space.
In Effect
6 Apr 2002
Average Rating of 1 Viewers
Last Updated
4 May 2002
You could say, at his point, I have begun to work. I've led two of my own tour to date, with excellent results. That is, no deaths to speak of (but a few not to be spoken of)
After Jordan
25 May 2002
Average Rating of 3 Viewers
Last Updated
4 Jun 2002
I have seen the Holy Land (from a distance), and have later come to realise that Jordan is a much more organised place than Egypt (in some respects).
The time comes
6 Jul 2002
Average Rating of 3 Viewers
Last Updated
11 Jun 2004
There has been little certainty these days. I was not surprised, therefore, when I learned that I would probably never see her again. This will be a self-obsessed story with only a few things to hide.
Having Returned
24 Aug 2002
Average Rating of 1 Viewers
Last Updated
14 Nov 2002
I was in London, the original motherland. Now I've returned to the pre-original motherland, and I have this to say...
Out of Cairo
18 Nov 2002
Average Rating of 7 Viewers
Last Updated
11 Jan 2003
I have left Cairo. Only temporarily. Taken a vacation and I left for Spain. I begin in Barcelona, then make my way to Finestrat in the South for some rock-climbing. In the meantime, this happens...
A Slight Space
20 Jan 2003  thru  4 Feb 2003
Average Rating of 3 Viewers
Last Updated
26 Feb 2003
I'm in between two places, and in that time I make a mistake.
Lost Time
15 Mar 2003  thru  17 Mar 2003
Average Rating of 1 Viewers
Last Updated
15 Mar 2005
I had the idea to visit a place I had never heard of. Unofficially, you understand...
The moment you've all been waiting for
18 Mar 2003  thru  2 May 2003
Average Rating of 8 Viewers
Last Updated
7 May 2003
You have now entered a new phase of peace-keeping, diplomacy, and general global convenience.
Sometimes a great notion
27 May 2003
Average Rating of 11 Viewers
Last Updated
15 Jul 2003
Often, we wait years for changes. We are patient, and look forward to the day when we can finally look back and remember what things were like before the change. Other times the change is sudden, and we have no chance to consider it before it's over.
I take my time
10 Aug 2003
Average Rating of 15 Viewers
Last Updated
2 Oct 2003
This is summer in Morocco. Things must move at a slower pace. Mornings, there is the odd electrical storm, then we are hot again.
On the way out
5 Nov 2003
Average Rating of 6 Viewers
Last Updated
5 Feb 2004
My contract here is almost over. As I run my last few tours in Morocco, I know I'm on my way out.
The Film
18 Jan 2004
Average Rating of 13 Viewers
Last Updated
13 Apr 2004
I thought it would take months to start filming my documentary. By January 18 it had begun, but I was still utterly unprepared.
4 Feb 2004
Average Rating of 6 Viewers
Last Updated
4 May 2004
In the middle of filming, I have to get back to Casablanca to work for two weeks.
These are my questions and complications
22 Mar 2004
Average Rating of 3 Viewers
Last Updated
15 May 2004
Associating with this world of wine, expensive accents, decorating, selling the loft flat in Paris, buying another hotel in Marrakesh, partners and lovers but never husband and wife.
The Difference Between
20 Apr 2004
Average Rating of 4 Viewers
Last Updated
12 Jun 2004
I move out from my friends' flat, get a hotel room, start playing guitar and studying, reading, writing in my monkish cell.
The time's gone
8 May 2004
Average Rating of 8 Viewers
Last Updated
11 Jan 2005
I decide to travel some more around the country. I'm sure I'm waiting for something else to happen, but I don't yet know what it is. I pick up my camera in Casablanca and think about going back to London to get a job, start paying rent and taxes again.
Jazz Festival
19 May 2004
Average Rating of 2 Viewers
Last Updated
18 Nov 2007
I went to Tangiers for the Jazz festival. I found it. Sometimes... Wait...wait...let me explain what's going on here. I haven't written for two years. TWO YEARS! In fact, it's two years to the day. Sorry for the wait. I've been busy. Now I'm going
What Then..?
26 May 2004
Average Rating of 0 Viewers
Last Updated
23 Aug 2010
There's more music to come, more time to kill: I learn to play the 'oud, I try to sing, I look for the town farthest from the sea.

Happy Trails to You

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