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Do You Want a Cup of Tea, Do You Want a Boyfriend? by Heidi Reimer
14 Mar 2001  thru  1 Apr 2001
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23 Jul 2002
In March 2001 I flew alone from Toronto to Istanbul, the farthest from home I had ever been, the most foreign culture I had ever experienced. In the taxi from the airport, staring wide-eyed out the window at this new world I'd deposited myself in, I
Istanbul to Cairo Overland by Neil and Robin
13 May 2002  thru  18 Jul 2002
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Last Updated
30 Jul 2004
A honeymoon in the Middle East is not everyone's idea of a picnic, especially these days. But, for the two of us, it has been a magical experience of an extremely foreign culture. We managed to pick up a dozen words in Turkish and Arabic, realized
Postcard From Europe by Paul & Dianne
25 Jul 2005  thru  1 Dec 2005
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28 Nov 2005
During the northern summer and autumn 2005 we are taking an extended break from work so that we can explore some of the more interesting areas in Europe. We leave in July and will be travelling through Turkey, Scandinavia, Britain, eastern Europe, Italy
Turkey by Jason and Dana Kunzman
12 Jun 2000  thru  22 Jun 2000
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1 Jul 2000
Expecting to find similar conditions to Morocco, Dana and I were surprised to find a thriving, somewhat modern culture with many hiden treasures.
Turquie/Turkey by Wylie and Helene
8 Oct 1999  thru  25 Oct 1999
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18 Dec 1999
Turquie est un pays qui fascine. De ses ruines les plus connues(Troie, Ephese) jusqu'a ses incroyables plages au milieu de villages musulsmans. La Turquie est un pays qui a su maintenir son independance malgre de fortes pressions faites par les

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