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Editor's Choice Around the World in 180 days by Jolie Muren & Ned McDaniel
1 Aug 1998  thru  1 Feb 1999
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Last Updated
25 May 1999
This is about a life long dream to circumnavigate the world on a surfing adventure. It has been modified to include some of Jolie's ambitions in travel. I would like for it to be something of a documentary of the event.
Australia by Joe and Anne Cooper
23 Dec 2007  thru  24 Feb 2008
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Last Updated
11 Jun 2008
After 45 days in Nepal, we arrived in Australia in search of all the creature comforts of home and were not at all disappointed. We fete'ed Christmas with Anne's brother, Neil and his wife Robin and our godson Callum. Seeing Callum's eyes light up on
Australia by Tamie Poepping
26 Jan 2005  thru  27 Mar 2005
Average Rating of 8 Viewers
Last Updated
9 Dec 2005
My Auz adventures began on 25 Jan 2005 when I flew from Auckland, New Zealand to Sydney, Australia. I had planned to stay for 3 weeks but ended up staying for 8 weeks. I guess I just kind of liked it here. "No worries, mate" I spent the first 10
Australia by WhereAreJanetandRick
4 Feb 2005  thru  10 Mar 2005
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Last Updated
9 Mar 2005
Where are Janet and Rick? This is where Toronto & Sydney meet! Actually both are in Australia, our latest destination! Austrlia is a huge continent. It's administratively split into 6 States and 2 Territories. We sampled a bit of all but 1 of each.
Australia by Kirsten K. Kester
27 Oct 2000  thru  20 Nov 2000
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Last Updated
14 Dec 2004
Australia is an amazing country For Dieter it is the no.1 place to go. In 1993-94 we spent 10 month in Australia. The nature is wonderful and the people are unbelievable, helpful and hospitable as you can never imagine. Furthermore its huge,
Australia by FreeSpirit
12 Jan 2002  thru  9 Apr 2002
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Last Updated
1 Apr 2002
I'll be writing about my travels and experiences through the vast continent of Australia. Each chapter will focus on a different city or town that I visit, as long as I can find an internet cafe at least. I'll be traveling up the eastern coast, down
Indonesia by WhereAreJanetandRick
13 Mar 2005  thru  4 Apr 2005
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Last Updated
3 Apr 2005
Here we are in Indonesia, our next travel destination. It took a while (see below) to actual get here but well worth it. We visited two main areas: Bali (mostly Hindu) & Java (mostly Muslim). Here we are dressed (by our host family in Ubud, Bali)
New Zealand by Tamie Poepping
13 Jan 2005  thru  25 Jan 2005
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Last Updated
21 May 2005
On Jan 11, I flew from San Francisco to Los Angeles and then had a 12 hour flight to Auckland, New Zealand where I arrived on Jan 13 after crossing the international date line. My friend Robin Steel (from Edinburgh but living in Sydney) joined me in
New Zealand by WhereAreJanetandRick
14 Jan 2005  thru  4 Feb 2005
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Last Updated
5 Feb 2005
Between 1000 & 1200 AD, the Moari people came to New Zealand (NZ) from Polynesia. Many Maori traditions are celebrated today in NZ. Pictured at left is a Maori warrior in traditional dress welcoming us into a traditional carved meeting house. The
New Zealand Part I-V by Wood Family
16 Feb 2004  thru  16 Feb 2004
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Last Updated
16 Feb 2004
The New Zealand Woods
OZ 02 by mark davis
1 Jan 2002  thru  2 Apr 2002
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Last Updated
9 Apr 2003
Photos of coastal australia starting in the north in croc infested Daintree River area; ending in scenic and civilized Great Ocean Road on the south coast
Editor's Choice Roadtrip Through Oz by Jen and Dan
13 Nov 2002  thru  13 Dec 2002
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Last Updated
19 Dec 2002
Truthfully, most of the planning for this honeymoon trip went into the SouthEast Asia portion with little thought spent on Austalia. We had reasoned to ourselves that Australia would be just like travelling at home, and therefore it would be easy to
Editor's Choice Steve, Lea, Brett + Beaulea's World Tour by Steve Holcroft
5 May 2002  thru  1 Apr 2003
Average Rating of 27 Viewers
Last Updated
8 Aug 2003
In June '02 myself, Lea, Brett and Beaulea set out on our journey around the world. Europe was first, followed by Asia, Australia, New Zealand and the USA. It took 12 months of hard work to plan - now we just had to enjoy...

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