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Editor's Choice Kumbh Mela by Wylie and Helene
21 Jan 2001  thru  30 Jan 2001
Average Rating of 16 Viewers
Last Updated
4 Nov 2016
Billed as the "largest gathering of humanity in history" the great Kumbh Mela was many things to many people. Traders came to ply their wares, tourists came to ogle, Gurus came to tend their flocks and pilgrims, millions and millions of pilgrims, came
Green River Float Trip by Wylie and Helene
1 Oct 1998  thru  14 Oct 1998
Average Rating of 2 Viewers
Last Updated
3 Jul 2015
The Green River has its headwaters high along the western flank of the Wind River Range in western Wyoming. It flows south, through Flaming Gorge, into Utah. 40 miles later it enters the NW corner of Colorado. Here it passes into the Dinosaur National
Alpine Lakes Wilderness, Washington by Robert Beal
21 Jun 2013  thru  5 Jul 2013
Average Rating of 0 Viewers
Last Updated
7 Jul 2013
After a 3-day backpack in The Enchantments with two friends, I did a 10-day solo in another part of the southeastern area of the Alpine Lakes Wilderness. The ALW comprises a series of mountain ranges on both sides of the Cascade divide. This story
Wonders of China by Thomas E. King
1 Apr 2003
Average Rating of 12 Viewers
Last Updated
8 Sep 2010
Over the following chapters I will be looking at some of the most interesting destinations in the People's Republic of China. From Dalian to Kashgar and Guangzhou to Yunnan I intend to present a wealth of stories for people who want to know China
21 May 2010
Average Rating of 0 Viewers
Last Updated
24 May 2010
This traveling culture is something to appreciate when witnessing a change of color in appearance from light to dark. They had holocaust camps during the war. They stay hidden for their own reasons. They have no foundation? Psychic's, fortune telling,
Milan by Shannon, Tim, Andy, Roger - Dallas Guys
2 Sep 2009  thru  2 Sep 2009
Average Rating of 0 Viewers
Last Updated
2 Oct 2009
Prague Day 1 by Shannon, Tim, Andy, Roger - Dallas Guys
26 Sep 2009
Average Rating of 0 Viewers
Last Updated
27 Sep 2009
Our first day in Prague was a busy one, we went on a 3 hour guided walking tour and then walked about 4 more hours on our own. There is so much to see here and the history of the city is interesting. Last night, we went on Pub Crawl with about 100
Colorado Hiking by David Renwick
31 Jul 2009
Average Rating of 0 Viewers
Last Updated
3 Sep 2009
In this journal you'll find photos and thoughts from hiking and out door adventures that I've enjoyed.
Barcelona - Spain by Penny Rance
15 Feb 2008  thru  18 Feb 2008
Average Rating of 0 Viewers
Last Updated
20 Jan 2009
With two days to spare till a long weekend off work, we still hadn't decided what to do. England was depressing, cold, damp and cloudy and we needed some sunshine. A chance comment of 'Somewhere warm please' and 20 minutes on LastMinute.com and we were
¤ A Second Honeymoon in a Postcard Place by ¤ A Postcard Journey
1 Feb 2005  thru  15 Feb 2005
Average Rating of 5 Viewers
Last Updated
18 Dec 2008
While our daughter is in Tuscany on her second honeymoon as I write this, I'm already longing for Guatemala where Steve and I were married in 1974 just as the rainy season was beginning. Originally, we were to be married in the outdoor chapel, not
Australia by Joe and Anne Cooper
23 Dec 2007  thru  24 Feb 2008
Average Rating of 0 Viewers
Last Updated
11 Jun 2008
After 45 days in Nepal, we arrived in Australia in search of all the creature comforts of home and were not at all disappointed. We fete'ed Christmas with Anne's brother, Neil and his wife Robin and our godson Callum. Seeing Callum's eyes light up on
Nepal by Joe and Anne Cooper
14 Nov 2007  thru  22 Dec 2007
Average Rating of 3 Viewers
Last Updated
21 Jan 2008
We were awed by the majestic beauty of the Himalayas, pleasantly surprised by the comforts of Pokhara and disappointed by the pollution (and garbage strike) in Kathmandu. But most of all we are extremely grateful that we had the opportunity to come to

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