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Chak Leung
Karshgar to Lhasa in 3 months


22 Jul 2000  thru   25 Oct 2000

18-day truck ride YeCheng to Ali, worst rainly season in 20yrs. Slept in truck above 5000m, in blzaard last day of July. Great sunrise & sunset views at Purung. Lake Manasorova amd Mt. Kailash Kora, crossed minor lake and rivers & streams in waist deep water, no tent no sleeping bag no stove, a thin blanket and 2 large nylon bags. Inner circle in front of S-face of Kailash, over the east shoulder(5800+m) of Kailash. Trek to Rongbuk-Everest N base camp from old Tingri alone. Climbed peak across the river from Rongbuk, over 6000m with treking poles and beatup hiking boots(from Walmart for $39.99 in 96!) only. Trek out to Shegar(new Tingri). Stay a night on hill above PangLa, water bottle frozen. Great sunrise view of 5 8000ers and 2 7000ers in one view. Next, Yarlung Tsangpo gorge and Mt. Namja Barwa, then exit to Shangarila in YunNan, revisit the uniquely great and beautiful TigerLeaping Gorge.

The Chapters of Karshgar to Lhasa in 3 months...
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A journey of a lifetime thru Tibet! 25 Oct 2000  Tibet   30 Oct 2000

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Chapters of Karshgar to Lhasa in 3 months
  A journey of a lifetime thru Tibet!

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