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Around the World in 180 days

Dali to the David (Spain + Italy)

Thursday - 10 Sep 1998
Florence - Italy

Dali to David

Jolie and I are both art lovers, her more than I, but surrealism is my favorite. Goudy's church in Barcelona is the most fanatastic on earth. Spain is finishing this tremendous leap in religious architectural expression and though some will still say it's blasphemous no one can deny it's artistic character. Any one going to Spain should seek out his work.

Try to get a hostel near the Rambla. Some are complete dives down dark narrow alleys but keep looking and you'll find the gem Sabastian. We left Barcelona by way of a stop off in Figere, the Dali's home/museum is great. It can be crowed during summer but if you get to see it off season you'll get to feel the wacky genius in this life and art.

We slept on the train to Florence, Italy, but got to see the Riveria coast. This place was probably fun in the fifties and sixties but it is over rated to me. Florence is the David and vise versa but this city has more in a walking tour meeting people. Remember, when you begin to negoitate the price of the room, the max price of the room is posted on the back of the door to the room. Ask to see the room first. We got a cheap, clean room with a freso on the ceiling and giant louvered windows looking out over a courtyard.

Get a ticket and ride the local bus around. If you get off, remember they are good for about an hour, if you want to make the loop on one ticket. We saw the Ferigamo shoe museum. The building has a pretentious air but the people running the place are graceful and kind, even if you can't afford a pair. Now we are on a schedule to meet Jolie's parents in Slovenia and visit relatives never meet but known by stories of the ones that made it to America.

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