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Around the World in 180 days

Show me the animals!

Tuesday - 13 Oct 1998
Kruger Park - South Africa

Odd to see something this huge walking gracefully.

Kruger park had to be one of the luckiest parts of our trip. People who live in South Africa, people who have gone to the park their whole lives have not seen the variety of animals that we did.

Kruger is a huge park, the size of Whales. So it took us a few days to get through it. Luckily for us, but not so much for the animals, it had been very dry. So most of the animals had migrated to the southern part to find water. This made it easier to find them.

Elephants tear entire trees out of the ground.

It is so exciting to see your first animal, then your first giraffe, then your first zebra. The addiction then sets in and you must see every creature, so we did. There were elephants, hippos, lions (that had just made a kill), leopards, water buffalos, hyaena, rhinos, wildebeest, monkeys, all kinds of birds, and more.

This male gave us a warning signal. We backed off.

Please keep in mind that our camera does not have a zoom, so we had to limit the photo-taking only to the animals who came up to our car.

Those rocks in the water are actually hippos.

Our favorite animals were the bush-babies. They're tiny little creatures with enormous eyes. We stayed in one of the park camps one night. In a pole at the edge of our gate, tiny bush-baby heads started popping out to take a look at us, cocking their heads like little aliens. When they'd had enough of staring, they'd fly through the branches. Truly something out of science fiction.

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