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Around the World in 180 days

Dolphins in the Surf

Sunday - 29 Nov 1998
Byron Bay - Australia

Geribald Grundy came out last night to visit with the Aussies and the world travelers. He had them all giggling and a couple crying. He is a character I put on from time to time. Maybe Jolie will put a photo up. Today, I was surfing in crystal clear blue-green water and just below me three bottle-nosed dolphins passed by. I could feel the swirl of the water off their fins on my feet. I began chasing them on my surfboard and they teased me by keeping their tails just inches away from my hand. I finally gave up and they didn't think the surf was worth riding either, so I went in and they went out. Jolie and I were sun-bathing on the hot white sand that fills the ash-trays in fancy buildings with their logo imprint. At least I assume this is where they get that stuff. It's so clean, the sand squeaks underneath your feet. And then, a few minutes later, a cloud blew over and showered us with hail and rain as we ran back to the hostel for a BBQ dinner. This weather is as weird as Texas. In fact I kept remarking that this looks like a place in Texas every time the terrain changed along the way. Except for the beaches, that's more like California.

Love, Neighbor Ned

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