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Jolie Muren & Ned McDaniel
Around the World in 180 days

G-Day Mates

Friday - 20 Nov 1998
Perth - Australia

Replica of the Bounty

Following the jet stream, we are readjusting to the Western world, a Harley Davidson convention is rumbling by like a swarm of monster bugs with gas. The newspapers are in english and we're still not sure if it is a good idea to look at what is going on in the world. The air is cool and taste like Southern California coast on a clear day. The nightlife is a mix of Bourbon Street New Oreleans, La. and 6th Street Austin, Texas but no one is trying to force a tourist trinket on us like Bali. Harbor area is beauitful and this ship is for hire. They used it in making the movie remake of Mutany on the Bounty.

In front of the Sydney Opera house

What trip to Sydney would be complete with out evidence of your being there. The botanical gardens adjecent will always be one of our great memories. We happened to pass by a stage set up in the park and sat to wait and see what happened. They had "Mozart by Moonlight" a concert with out standing muscians. The crowd unlike us where casually well dressed for the event with pick-nic baskets in tow. They all came prepared with elegant dinning utensils, gourmet food and fine wine. The sun was setting at intermission and a chill was in the air so we decide to head back to our hovel, noticing a table for tickets $65Aus,YEOW! We considered it a conincidental blessing to the traveler and moved on. Thank you Sydney.

Many fantastic colors of Bali
Dolphins in the Surf
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