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Jolie Muren & Ned McDaniel
Around the World in 180 days

The Groove of Travel

Wednesday - 19 Aug 1998
Londonderry - Ireland

Our first leg is to London on Virgin Atlantic. If you can you simple must take Virgin. Even the econo flyer is treated like royalty. Excellent food, great entertainment with individual monitors at every seat.(that work) Our ticket was to Cape Town but they let us jump off and do europe for a month and then hop back on. Thanks Richard, as if I know the guy.Why is Ireland's and England's money worth so much more than the US, baffles me, when looking at the comparative states of economy.Getting into the groove of long distance/time traveling is in learning and an efficient decision-making process. If our money went further, so would we. So we didn't go too far in British Kingdom. It is a good reminder to know how Manuel and Maria must feel, coming from Mexico to the US.(Our illeagal alien friend in the US.) They come from Mexico with only their cloths and a dream of a better life.The Paso doen't go to far in the US. Whatever they tell you, feeling richer is better than feeling poorer, so I am looking forward to Spain and Portugal or whatever third-world country we go to. Out of the windows of the bus, we see the GREEN and lush gardens of flowers. The people are loud and boisterous at the pubs, which makes the gray days lively.My lessons, so far, have been in foolishness and pride, which seems to resonate in my heritage.The giants causeway is a unigue geological phenomenon but what was really pleasanrt was the drive in an open top dobledecker bus out there.They say it has been a terrible rainy summer but we had three days straight good weather which can make all the difference in how you feel about Ireland or England. The three day bus pass was the way to go for us. Any longer and a car or a bike would be better. There is an energy in the air that needs time to soak in and appreaciate. Ned didn't want to "DO" London, been there before so we passed right through on the bus to Dover. We managed to travel all night from Dublin to a small town hostel out side of Paris by l

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