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Jolie Muren & Ned McDaniel
Around the World in 180 days

It all started with a Surf mag

Saturday - 1 Aug 1998
Austin , Texas - U. S. A.

This adventure began with a surfer mag twenty odd years ago. Seeing the exotic places around the world and the perfect waves got me to dreaming about a trip around the world. I didn't have the confidence or the money at that time and in retrospect confidence was more important. What I have learned is the round-the-world tickets are not what they are portrayed to be and it will be interesting to see if piecemealing the tickets wouldn't have been a better option. I think it is better probably to approach travel dreams earlier in life than later and to travel alone (except for my wife, Jolie) than in a group. Freedom in the decision - making process is a very important quality to adventures travels.

We rented our house in Austin, Texas August 1, and began couch hopping with our friends until our plane leaves from Cleveland Ohio August 16. We traveled in our Ford Ranger truck to Lake Charles, Lousiana where we stayed with Pat and Authur. Authur is an excellent chef who is pursueing his dream of opening his own resturant there in Lake Charles. His perfectionism has delayed the opening by many months. However, it will be the foundation of the best place to dine between Houston and New Orleans. You'll have to make an effort to find La Truffe Sauvage amongst the beautiful homes along the lake shore but it'll be a delectable memory. Then we cruised on to my sister Dana's in Macon, Ga. to visit her family an enjoy the local culture where you will find that sweet tea is a staple and biscuts are an edible utensil that comes with every dish including spagaitti to sop up that illusive morsel of gravy.

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