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Southeast Asia, here we come!

Nha Trang

Wednesday - 30 Jan 2002
Nha Trang - Vietnam

Ah, the beach!

Nha Trang is a delightful small city on the coast, about 1/4 of the way between Saigon and Hanoi. The beach is wide, with coarse sand and a great surf. It is surrounded by mountains and small islands, making for great scenery. There are plenty of small restaurants along the beach, as well as pubs and, of course, hawkers!!

We spent a few days lazing on the beach, with hawkers swarming us at first. Apparently their game is to "clain you" for the day-making you promise to buy from them "later". In our first 20 minutes, we were claimed by a lunch lady (who cooked us barbecued lobster from the pots she carried over her shoulders), a fruit lady, the chair guy, and the masseusse. The young boys peddling knock-off books and the women selling cigarettes and gum patrol continuously...avoiding eye contact is a good deterrant!

The muscratting is great--amazing surf!! We got pounded and rolled while laughing hysterically after being spit up on the beach by monster waves.

The only minus to Nha Trang is that it is unsafe. We have been told by both locals and fellow travellers to not carry bags, and to not walk on the beach at night. We've met several travellers who have been ripped off by moto drivers, who drive by and yank bags off shoulders and necks. Most unfortunate, since there is great potential here!!

Diving Vietnam

The temptation was too much--we booked a dive trip upon arrival, and set out at 7:00 the next morning for a day of underwater delights.

Unfortunately (sing with me) the weather started getting rough, the tiny ship was tossed...Sarah didn't fair very well, but managed to recover in time for the dives. There is great coral here, but not very much in the way of fish or other sea creatures. And it was COLD--about 25 degrees at the bottom...brrr!!! That being said, the dive outfit was great (Rainbow Divers), and lunch was yummy :o) Nha Trang isn't a diving destination, but it's good entertainment for a day!

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