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Hikes around Kol-Ukuk

Kol-Ukuk , Kochkor - Kyrgyzstan

Kol-Ukuk is set in a spectacular valley. The main valley is dominated by a beautiful emerald lake which bears the same name, Kol-Ukuk.

* * *
Toute une vallee, celle de Kul-Ukuk. Son paysage est domine par un grand lac de couleur turquoise de 3km de long.

There are 4 valleys that fork off the main valley. Each is about 4 to 7 kilometers deep.

* * *
Il y a 4 vallees secondaires qui viennent se joindre a la vallee principale. Chacune d'entre-elles est de 4-7 kilometres de long.

All the side valleys have lakes, glaciers and moraine fields.

* * *
Chacune d'elle a de petits lacs, glaciers et moraines.

The main valley terminates about 6 kilometers past the last side valley in a beautiful wall of snow covered peaks.

* * *
La vallee principale se termine par une superbe arcade de montagnes alpines.

Note the 4 People at the Water’s Edge

Numerous springs can be found for drinking water. Wild onion and thistle can provide some vegetable nourishment.

* * *
Plusieurs sources d'eau potable descendent tout droit de la fonte des glaciers.

We explored all 4 side valleys during our 8 day stay. They were all incredibly beautiful.

* * *
Nous avons parcouru toutes les vallees. Elles sont toutes tres belles.

Once we got past the lower pastures, we were always alone and felt close to heaven, even when it snowed.

* * *
Tout au haut de ses montagnes, on se sent libre mais aussi tres fatigues.

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