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The Garden Route of South Africa

Saturday - 10 Oct 1998
Cinsta - South Africa

We've passed through the most beautiful part of South Africa, the garden route, which is appropriately named. Dramatic mountains roll down to the sea coasts in the form of wheat fields in some places and others, pine forest line the hills and coast. We're sitting now at Buccaneers' Retreat in Cinsta, just North of East London. Our window overlooks the river mouth and the ocean. The monkeys' morning ritual is to pass over our roof pitter patter, pitter-patter, eating the mulberries off the bushes. Cute, I hope they don't find an open window. I told Jolie that if this place only had surf, it would be ideal. Sure enough, the leader of the retreat told me where the local surf spots are. I gathered up a friend from the path and we ran down for an evening session. It was excellent fun. Unfortunately, we returned to find that our cars had been broken into and the radios stolen as well as our video cameras. So now, the remainder of the trip must just live in our memories. Tomorrow, we head North and soon, we'll be going in search of wild animals in Kruger National park. It sounds safer.

We're in South Africa
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