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David Renwick
Colorado Hiking

Crater Lake B.O.G. Hike

Sunday - 30 Aug 2009
Colorado , Roosevelt National Forest - U. S. A.

The Trailhead

This Crater Lakes hike was organized by the B.O.G. (Boulder Outdoor Group)

There were 14 of us. The trailhead starts off of the parking lot for the Moffat Train Tunnel. This tunnel is a spectacular achievement.

It's 20 miles long according to someone in our group, and cuts underneath the continental divide and UNDER one of the lakes we past on the journey.

Onward to the Upper Lakes



Leading the way...

View of the Valley.

Near the top

This is as far up as I went. The rest of the group stayed down at the lake, but I'd like to come back and get on top of one of those ridges.

Maybe even jump off one of them with a parachute and soar back to the trailhead. :-)

The Upper Lake

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