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Jolie Muren & Ned McDaniel
Around the World in 180 days

We're in South Africa

Saturday - 3 Oct 1998
Capetown - South Africa

Cape Hope

HI gang, We are in SA staying with some friends that Clay met when he came through-the Eachus's. They have been kind enough to loan us a car while we're in Capetown which is till Tue. We have driven around the cape and to the tip where the two oceans meet. They were calm and the soft clouds reflected off them like a mirror. The cape is rugged so you get some majestic views. The tip is like Big Bend Texas with water meaning rocky with shrubs. The differences being the many diferent flowers and creatures, such as baboons picking ticks off of each other on the side walk up the climb, tiny colorful birds in the bushes unafraid of you, and small black prehistoric looking lizards.

The Cape Hope baboons

If you have ever driven Hwy 1 in Calif. you could say it is familiar Sun, sea, cool air but something about the quaint early 1900 villages along the way lets you know you're not in Kansas anymore. The dollar goes futher here compared to Europe but it's a lot like the U.S., except that fast food hasn't real moved in here yet or billboards. Those improvements I have found I could live without quite easily. We have rented a car and will be going along what is called the garden route, on the wrong side of the road. Jolie has injured her braking foot trying to help me drive from the passenger side. Then we will go to Kruger Park to try and see some wild animals.

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