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Malaysian Borneo


Saturday - 28 May 2005
Kuching , Sarawak - Malaysia

New Meets Old


Along with Sabah, Sarawak joined Malaya to form Maylaysia in 1963. The capital is Kuching - the City of Cats! It is a fine mix of cultures; and modern, and past times. We stayed at a hotel that is owned and managed by the Orang Ulu (Up-River people). This made for interesting and colourful decor and a great buffet breakfast with local and western foods. This was the view from our room. The tall building is a bank office and the short is a local longhouse.

Iban Harvest Dance

Sarawak Cultural Village

Although we usually try to avoid really touristy places this was a special time at the Cultural Village. It was the annual Harvest Festival. The Village is a living museum as it has examples of various indigenous dwellings where tribespeople demonstrate traditional activities, arts & crafts. There was also a spectacular show of dance and song from local and international groups. Pictured here are the Iban with their harvest baskets.

Clams Anyone?

Kuching Sunday Market - Finest in Sarawak

This is a very busy and bustling market. The wares were varied and well displayed as shown in this section. We were tempted to try to bring some home but limited ourselves to packaged goods! We think that the pictures in this section speak for themselves.



BBQ Fish on a stick

Peppers and Limes



They sure don't look like that at Swiss Chalet!

A relaxing cruise

Sungai Sarawak

The main sights and city are on the river's south bank. The many villages on the north side are accessed by this wonderful ferry service. The waterfront also offers local food stalls and great views of the sunset.

Once we get home, unpacked, and organize our pics, we'll have you over for a slide show. Rick will put on a big pot of tea ...

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