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Around the World in 180 days


Wednesday - 2 Sep 1998
Tangiers - Morocco

From Biarritz, Ned and I moved into Spain. Madridīs art scene was wonderful. Far too many paintings for us to see. They ranged from the old ones up to the modernists, like Hopper, Balthus, Picasso, and Delauney. Attempting to find less expensive housing, we moved to the South of Spain, stayed right next to the rock of Gibraltar in a 200 year old place. Does anybody remember the significance behind the rock of Gibraltar? We canīt.

The next day, we went to Tangiers, Morocco. What a different world it is there. In Fes (farther South, into Morocco), we hiked into their medina, the center of everything ancient, still looks and functions as it did in 800 AD with tennis shoes and a drip line of electricy. The food was wonderful, we ate out of one shared bowl, with a carpet merchant that befriended us in the train station, dipping out a mixture of beans, lamb, yams, and french fries (yes, french fies), dripping in oil and saffron. We knew that his friendship was leading to a sales pitch but thats ok then you expect it. The spices, carpets, and other goods in the marketplace are colorful sensory fun, if you can handle the salesmen. We made it safely out of Morocco and were fortunate to meet some friendly people along the way on the train. A young recently married couple, Mou^ataz Ramlisalma, from Tetouan, Morocco. They, as many people in the world, could speak english. Just another reminder of the deficiency of our educational system.

Today, we visited the Arc du Triumph and museums in Barcelona. The overwhelming amount of people crowded into the subways of these cities is beginning to get to me. Am looking forward to meeting small town peple in Slovenia, soon.

We popped out of the subway taking the direct route to the Miro Museum. Bad idea! We entered a rough looking neighborhood and some young scam artist tried to trick us out of our passports. One pretended to be lost then two other nicely dressed came up claiming they are undercover police and need to see our pa

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