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Around the World in 180 days

Hello from Londonderry

Wednesday - 19 Aug 1998
Londonderry - England

We landed safely in London, England and have traveled to Northern Ireland. The weather was gloriously full of sun for the first two days. The people in both England and Ireland are very friendly. (Maybe because of the weather).

We are staying in a town called Londonderry. It's full of old red brick buildings and hanging baskets overloaded with flowers. You can walk all the way around the town on its old fort walls which are still intact. I find it interest that the English decided to put their ugly modern fortress on the walls of the old fort. Perhaps it is the same mystical reason that churchs are built on sacred sites and former churches.

Because it's high season, there are all kinds of people from different cultures everywhere. In our hostel, we are sharing a room with a couple from Germany and a couple from Basque. We got by on our broken Mexican Spanish with the Basque people. The Basque language is much prettier.

Haven't seen or heard the name Oconners yet. (Ned's blood name is O'Conners) so he does look like some of the men around here. Today, we will take a bus along the Northern coast to see the 8th wonder of the world - the Giant's Causeway. Friday, we leave for London, and then off to the mainland. The weather was great so we got to take a double decker open top bus to the Giant's Causway. The light in Ireland is different, it gives a 3-D photographic effect to the lush green fields, flowers and sheep. The ocean is a royal blue with an ermine white trim roaring on to the rocks below the cliff. There was some old castle ruins on the way but we didn't have time to stop.

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