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Jolie Muren & Ned McDaniel
Around the World in 180 days

Lost at Sea

Monday - 21 Dec 1998

Our fearless captain

There goes our primative island hide away and our new best friends. It was such a treat that that we really regretted having to leave. Here our captain is eyeing a storm between us and the mainland.

Hard to tell but this looks like the island in a comic strip. One coconut tree and white sand all around. Be sure to look closely because you'll see it again.

Here's Jolie, prepared for the oncoming storm and sheets of stinging rain and thunder. You couldn't see 100 feet in front of the boat but on we went at full speed. After about 20-30 min. the captain began to have a worried look and I was wishing we had stayed. Jolie quit smiling. What should appear?

The one tree island. Out of the rain gray wall apppeared the island, we had gone full circle. We sat and looked at it in the rain but couldn't recognize which side we were on. So we had to wait for the rain to lift before heading back. It was funny but a sign, I thought, that we should go back to our favorite island and friends. Sure enough, we arrived in Nadi to find that our flight wasn't for 9am but rather 9pm which would have worked out perfect if we had stayed. When you make notes to yourself, make them legible.

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