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Origin: Canada
Residence: Canada
Tamie's round-the-world travels. My adventures began on 30 Nov 2004 when I finished my previous job in Edinburgh, Scotland.

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Edinburgh, Scotland
30 Nov 2004
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21 May 2005
Before setting off on my round-the-world trip, I said one last farewell to Edinburgh castle.
1 Dec 2004  thru  5 Jan 2005
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21 May 2005
First destination on my round-the-world trip was essentially Home Sweet Home -- Alberta. I stopped to see friends and family in Calgary and Lethbridge, before heading up to my parents' place in Camrose. I got an early Christmas present of a surprise
6 Jan 2005  thru  11 Jan 2005
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21 May 2005
After Christmas and a relaxing month in Alberta, I set out for the real journey. First stop: sunny California (which really wasn't very sunny but was warmer than the -20C in Alberta) to see my friend Rebecca. I got lots of rain in San Francisco, but
New Zealand
13 Jan 2005  thru  25 Jan 2005
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21 May 2005
On Jan 11, I flew from San Francisco to Los Angeles and then had a 12 hour flight to Auckland, New Zealand where I arrived on Jan 13 after crossing the international date line. My friend Robin Steel (from Edinburgh but living in Sydney) joined me in
26 Jan 2005  thru  27 Mar 2005
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9 Dec 2005
My Auz adventures began on 25 Jan 2005 when I flew from Auckland, New Zealand to Sydney, Australia. I had planned to stay for 3 weeks but ended up staying for 8 weeks. I guess I just kind of liked it here. "No worries, mate" I spent the first 10

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