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Teaching English in Queretaro, Mexico

Adios Joseph

Friday - 19 Apr 2002
Queretaro , Queretaro - Mexico

After Mazatlan, I returned to Queretaro with only one more week to go in my stay. Everyone wanted me to stay longer, and I wanted to stay a little longer too. So I changed my airplane flight, and stayed an extra two weeks.

Eventually, though, I did have to go. We had a little party in each of my classes on the last day. This picture shows the one in my 7AM class.

The biggest classroom party we had was in my 6PM class. J.C. brought a really great cake, David and Stephanie brought tacos, everyone else brought chips or soda or music or something. I was really touched! Thanks guys! We had a really fun time that last day.

Bertha also held a party for me and Jennifer at our house, on the night before I left. Here she is joining the party.

We all went out dancing after that party, and the next day I went home to Minneapolis. I got home to this:

I can't end my journal here! The best is yet to come . . .

The best part
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