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Teaching English in Queretaro, Mexico

Starting out

Wednesday - 17 Jan 2001
Queretaro - Mexico

This is the house I live in.

My first entry from Mexico. I donīt have much internet time, so Iīm going to paste in the e mail I sent to lots of people, because it contains the same information I would give you if I were to write something new for this journal.

Hola a todos,

Sorry about the mass Email, but I want to tell you all as quickly as possible that I have arrived in Mexico and everything is going very well so far. It rained all weekend, which is extremely rare here this time of year. Everyone has been talking about how cold it is. Today we are finally getting some sun. Its 11AM as I write this and its maybe 60 degrees out right now, maybe a little less.

My representative here, Luis, is really great. He picked me up at the Mexico City airport. He was standing there with Jennifer, another 26 year old American from Minneapolis! She had arrived a little earlier that day. Incredible coincidence. I am renting a room in a house belonging to Senora Bertha, who is very nice. I know I told everyone that I would be in an apartment, and thats what I thought I would be doing. However, the woman I was going to room with (another american teacher) had too many parties there so she was evicted. I wish I was living in an apartment, because I could be as messy as I want and I could have visitors over. Living in the house will be cheaper though, and meals are included. Plus its really close to PLI, the school where Iīm working, so its cool.

I have met one other person on the program besides Jennifer. His name is Alistair and he is from Ireland. Very cool guy. I hope to meet some of the others at some point. (Especially this girl who had the parties, she must know where to go to have fun her e : ) ) Evidently she has a mexican boyfriend and she is staying with him for the moment. I wish I could have a girlfriend here, because most everyone here is very attractive, but I doubt thats likely with the pathetic amount of spanish I speak. I think I will learn quickly however.

The city is very charming. I havenīt taken any pictures yet, sorry. Its about a million people living here, so its not as big as Minneapolis or anything but I donīt think it will get boring in 3 months.

It was cool landing in Mexico City. Its the worldīs largest city and that is clear from the airplane view. Even from way up the city went on as far as I could see. Driving through it was cool as well. The first place we stopped in Mexico was Burger King. :( That was funny. I didnīt get anything there though. We went to a place for some tacos when we arrived in Queretaro.

Mexico, or what I have seen of it anyway, is certainly not as affluent as the USA but its not as bad as I expected. There are lots of nice houses and businesses and actually I have seen very little poverty. I think I just havenīt been to the right places for that.

OK I better wrap up now. Iīd like to send out some personal messages but I donīt think Iīll have time for that today. There are many internet cafeīs around, so I imagine Iīll be able to check e mail once every few days.

Its good to be here, but I miss you all. When I feel lonely or frustrated I take comfort in the fact that I really wonīt be gone long. Iīll see you all in April.

Hasta Luego,

Joe (AKA Sr. Pepe)

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