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Robert Beal
Eastern Washakie Wilderness (Wyoming)


Thursday - 18 Sep 2003
Park County , Wyoming - U. S. A.

Forever Remembered

Ted engraved Lee's well-loved cookpot; the sides read "Ride the Wind" and "Thanks." Also in the cairn marking Burwell Pass we installed a nalgene bottle containing a photograph of the young Mr. Mercer and the booklet from the July 2002 memorial service near Boise on which we each wrote our goodbyes and then enscribed the epitath "He died with his pack on."

Spirit Hawk
View from Above
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Chapters of Eastern Washakie Wilderness (Wyoming)
  Upper Greybull River
  Approaching Burwell Pass
  The Farewell
  Spirit Hawk
  View from Above
  Looking Forward
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