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Shub Ganster
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Week #17

Monday - 5 May 2003
Nagoya , Aichi - Japan

Day 110 (Monday)

Still on break today. Last night I worked on my paper from 7pm-1:30am, pausing for the mandatory dinner and bath (Every day, same time. I have never been so clean in my entire life. I took a lot of showers in the US, but never this many. Don.t even try to pretend that taken a shower everyday of your life, either. You know just like me). Work. Work. Work.

My family was really surprised to find out that my friend had lent me her computer. Nice friend. The little kids liked how it smelled like grapes (my friend had accidentally spilled some grape soda in her bag). I listened to all her her music. It was nice to have a change. I finished the entire paper.

This mornign I told my host parents that I couldn.t go to tennis because I couldn.t run. The toe just wouldn.t stop hurting. I couldn.t walk without limping because it was dislocated. Boo. I.m such a moron. Instead I met Allison at Jusco (department store) and gave her the key. We ran into two of our other good friends. It was funny. Then I went home to begin work on my research report presentation (also due Tuesday).

I worked on that for a while, but then My host mother.s aunt and family came over and we all hung out. I had a great time. The father is a chef at his own restaurant so dinner was even better than usual. I eat well. Later everyone helped me make the graphs that I needed for visual aids. They had a daughter my age named Keiko. She was really nice and invited me over to her house. After they left I did some more preparation, generally gave up, and went to bed.

Day 112 (Tuesday)

I got up early and ran to school (well, limped to school). I printed out my papers and changed into dress clothes for the presentation. It went well. I skipped Shorinji Kempo today. Can.t walk, no choice.

Ojiichan came home today. I was very happy to see him. Of course, this meant that I had to give back my housekey, my one piece of freedom. I was not happy to see it go, but I.m glad Ojiichan.s back.

Day 113 (Wednesday)

The last day of school. I was VERY happy, but I still had to listen to five more presentations. Oh yes, they WERE the kind of presentations tht make you want to gnaw off your arm and escape.

After class I met with Aki and Hitomi (who I met at the club on Friday) and had lunch with them and Trey. Aki wanted to hit on Trey, so she asked if we could all do lunch. We did and they invited me to Haagan Das afterwards. A bunch of people went there together. Every day with a seven in it, you can have seven scoops of different flavors for $5. That.s a deal here. I maxed out the experience with: vanilla and caramel, cassis and cream (that.s a fruit), banana, macadamia nut, Belgian chocolate, vanilla, and something else that I can.t really remember right now.

I went home and bragged to my host mother because she loves sweets. She was envious and it was really funny. Yeah, I.m evil.

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