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Week #6

Monday - 17 Feb 2003
Nagoya , uhhh, Aichi? - Japan

Day 34 (Monday)

School started again. I super-studied last night so that I.d be ready today. It was nice to be back. I feel confidant again.

*** been keeping an eye on the rooster population of the pre-school by my house. So, originally there was 1. A few days ago I noticed 3. This morning as I biked to the station, I heard an awful lot of crowing. Lo and behold, there are now FIVE roosters. I don.t know what.s going on at that school, but I.m a little concerned.

Day 35 (Tuesday)

My host mother and I stayed up until 1:30am talking and laughing, eating onigiri, and drinking tea. It was like a slumber party. We spent 3 and a half hours talking in Japanese (well, every so often I.d ask her for how to say an English word in Japanese, but I didn.t ask in English). It was so cool. Sometimes I would realize that I.d been carrying on a real conversation in Japanese. That was shocking.

Today, however, I am so tired...since I got up at 6.30am. I.m still not sleeping very well, but that.s no big deal.

Day 36 (Wednesday) passed the final frontier of decency. I realized long ago that I am a member of the family. Accordingly, been helping to clean up the living room at the end of the day, wiping my little sister.s mouth after dinner, and memorizing the names of all the Transformers so that my little brother and I can carry on a conversation ( even made flashcards). Today, though, I passed the last checkpoint. Naked time.

After the kids get out of the bath, they run into the living room in varying states of nudity. I can deal with that. just kids. I was, however, stunned when the 4-year-old burst into the room dropped her drawers and shook her butt at me singing "Hora! Binky, mite! Ushiri!" Translation: "Look, Binky, It.s my bum!" She proceeded to shake her groove thing while chanting "bum, bum, bum". Wow. Just wow. Oh, the things seen.

Day 37 (Thursday)

I.m leaving for Kyoto tomorrow. I.ll be staying with a sensei from my US college and she.s going to give me a weekend whirlwind tour. I.m really excited because heard that Kyoto is a great place to be and it.ll be nice to see someone from home.


Today in Ikebana (flower arranging class) my friends and I taught our teacher how to use the phrase "bite me." Oh, how I love this class. The teacher is really sweet and flower arrangement is relaxing.


I think killed my host mother. I haven.t seen her since we stayed up late Monday night. The buzz around the house is that she.s "the big sick". I hope she gets better soon. Things tend to break around here without her.

Day 38 (Friday)

I got my first care package last night. Cass, if reading this, THANK YOU! I.ll call you this afternoon.


Today is the beginning of the Kyoto trip. I.ll be taking notes...


Host mother is alive. I know I.m relieved.

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